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Developing Inclusive Teams Workshop

Attend New IAFC Course in Rifle, Colorado!

Join the IAFC on June 24-25 in Rifle, Colorado for our new course, “Developing Inclusive Teams Workshop,” that equips members of the fire service with knowledge and skills to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workforce. The course is designed to allow participants to reflect on their own perceptions and beliefs about DEI topics, explore individual diversity, and experience the impact their language and behavior can have on those around them. Participants will leave the course with a strong foundation in DEI to create and support inclusive environments. The course is interactive, placing the participant in thought-provoking situations through role play, group and individual exercises, and class discussion. It includes several scenarios that are constructed to mimic real world situations, allowing participants to simulate how they would handle issues effectively as they emerge in the real world. This course is free to attend and travel expenses are reimbursable within certain guidelines. Questions: Contact Kaitlin Lutz @


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