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OFRN Meeting Date!

The next meeting for the Oregon Fire Recruitment Network will be on April 27th at 1:00pm at Marion County Fire District #1’s Brooklake Rd. Conference Room. The address is:

4910 Brooklake Rd. Bldg #2, Room 102B. You can access the conference room via the parking lot, the door will be propped open. Click HERE for a MapQuest link. Thanks to Danielle Bethell for hosting this meeting.

There is no agenda yet, but for now, the following items have been requested to discuss:

  • Videos and options for use

  • What you are doing for your background process

If you have any other items you wish to discuss, please email and when the agenda is built, we will include those items. Also please feel free to invite anyone interested in the meeting to attend!

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