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"Ask the Recruiters" Podcast Series

Check out First Arriving Networks new "Ask the Recruiters" video-cast series! Ask the Recruiters is an open format online show that addresses volunteer recruitment, retention, sustainability and success in volunteer emergency services across the United States.From the east coast to the west coast and all points between, we’re opening ourselves up to answer your questions and concerns, and just as importantly, to share your solutions and successes in enticing, engaging and keeping volunteer fire and emergency responders.This 60-90 minute show will leverage Matt and Tiger’s deep experience in helping volunteer organizations nationwide and will include guests who are some of the leading subject matter experts in volunteer management along with recruiters who will share their real-world solutions to complex issues in volunteer emergency services.Show participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, offer their own insights, and interact with the hosts and guests via Facebook Live, email and chat. As new episodes are scheduled, you can CLICK HERE to register and gain access to post show resources!

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