Next OFRN Meeting Date!

The upcoming quarterly meeting for the OFRN will be held on Wednesday, July 29th at the Scappoose Fire Station at 1:00PM. Jennifer Motherway of Columbia River Fire & Rescue will be the host. If you have any topics that you would like covered during the meeting, please fill out the contact form and let us know. We will add them to the agenda. We hope you can make it! Click the image below for directions.

Documents & Media Updated

Thanks to Lt. Phil Duncan, we have completely revamped our documents and media page. The new layout means re-filing many of the documents in our collection, and putting them into organized folders. Many of the documents were also renamed in order to make the content easier to find. We have some more work to do with the renaming, but there is a significant improvement. We were also using Dropbox for much of our content storage, but our users were mostly accessing Google Drive. Since we did not need redundency in our data storage, we chose to eliminate the dropbox account. Please check it out and let us know how we are doing!

How To Make Tri-Fold Ads

We have posted our newest How-To guide with "How to Make Tri-Fold Ads". One of the best ways to get your message out is a strategy called the silent salesman. This is where you leave marketing materials behind for others to read, while you get on with your everyday recruiting activities. These little signs will do the recruiting for you and speak to all of the patrons in your absence. Since there is no silver bullet marketing idea to attract potential recruits, it's best to try as many things as youc an and rotate those ideas throughout the year. Please keep in mind that you need Microsoft Publisher for the file to work. Click HERE for the article!

750+ Oregon Running Events!

Firefighter fiteness is such an important part of our job that we wanted to help make it easier to find all of the running events, marathons, and mud races we could, and bring them to you. With the help of thr website we have assembled a month-by-month, year long events list. CLICK HERE for the list.