10 Retention Events

It can be hard to find events that everyone at your department may want to participate in, so its always good to get recommendations. Here are a few that you can consider when planning your next event. LINK

New Mobile Version!

We just launched our mobile version of the website. The mobile version is full featured and will work on both iPhone's and Androids. If you have ideas or suggestions to help improve the OFRN, please let us know!

New File and Media Access

You can now access all of the OFRN's media from our renamed "Documents and Media" page. What was formerly our Dropbox page has been updated now that we have linked a Google Drive account to the site. Please take a minute to check it out. Google Drive has allowed us to better organize the files for easier access. Click here for a link to the page!

How to make Banner Ads

Banner Ad Do’s and Don’ts and Creation 1.When you design your ad, keep it simple and clear, free of clutter with a message that's easy to read. It must jump out from the rest of the message. 2.Use images, but sparingly. You don’t want to over stimulate or irritate the viewer. 3.The image(s) should not interfere with the design or message. 4.Keep file sizes small. It's important that your banners load quickly. For this reason it's better to use compressed JPEGs or GIF files. 5.When designing a banner, it's important to understand the importance of branding, so make sure you use the department’s logo in some way. 6.Make sure your message and call to action is clear so the user can decide to cl

100% Custom Recruitment Video for under $50.00

To help out agencies on restricted funding, I came up with a 6 step and under $50 guide to creating your own custom volunteer firefighting video. I hope you like it and enjoy the process of creating something for your own department. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Here is a sample video made by following these instructions. 1. Assemble your best pictures and video clips and prepare them in whatever order you see fit. Try to keep the video clips to: 10 seconds each. If you absolutely need more than :10 seconds, it’s still possible to make this work, but it becomes a bit trickier, the point of this is to make it simple for anyone! If you

OFRN Meeting Date!

The next meeting for the Oregon Fire Recruitment Network will be on April 27th at 1:00pm at Marion County Fire District #1’s Brooklake Rd. Conference Room. The address is: 4910 Brooklake Rd. Bldg #2, Room 102B. You can access the conference room via the parking lot, the door will be propped open. Click HERE for a MapQuest link. Thanks to Danielle Bethell for hosting this meeting. There is no agenda yet, but for now, the following items have been requested to discuss: Videos and options for use What you are doing for your background process If you have any other items you wish to discuss, please email and when the agenda is built, we will include those items. Also

Recruitment Events = Success

The Recruitment and Retention event held at McMennamins in Forest Grove turned out to be a great event with the perfect amount of attendees. Topics covered included the programs that are currently being offered, new ideas to promote recruitment and retention, and differences in the intake process for multiple departments. The varying degrees of recruitment will depend on many factors including demographics, income, and resources. Building a plan for your community will look different that any one other community, so its important to hear what other agencies are doing and where they are finding success. Thank you to all who came!